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Indian Navy Ready For First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS VIKRANT



Indian Navy is going to induct its first Indigenously Aircraft Carrier (to be built in India) INS VIKRANT  in March-August 2023. After commissioning of this warship  INDIA  will enter in ELITE  Group of such countries which are able to design and construct aircraft carriers on their own. This ship is going to be the largest aircraft carrier ever commissioned in Indian Navy as Lead Ship. From 2009-2016  many changes were made in its design(ADS to IAC) and weapon systems. Cochin Shipyard in Kochi, Kerala is constructing this Prestigious Naval Ship. Construction of this warship was started as Project-71 ADS. This warship will cost us the US $2.8 billion as estimated in 2014. INS VIKRANT will be handed over to Indian Navy in Dec-Jan 2020 and Sea trials will be started around March-June 2021.

INS VIKRANT has a full load displacement of 40,500 tons. It is 262 meters long and 60 meters wide and displaces around 40,000 metric tons. It will be powered by 4x General Electric LM2500+Gas turbine and 2x Elecon COGAN Gearbox. This whole propulsion arrangement will produce 80 MW power enough to light an entire city. The maximum speed of INS VIKRANT will be 28 Knots(52 KM/h). The total range of INS VIKRANT is 15000 KM i.e it will be able to cover the entire INDIAN OCEAN region near the Bay of Bengal. This warship is designed to carry 30-40 aircraft (MIG-26k, KAMOV ka31, DHRUV, SEA KING). It was reported that Tejas aircraft will be launched at VIKRANT but later it was told that Tejas was too heavy for VIKRANT. 4x OTOBREDA 76mm Dual Purpose canons will provide safety from enemy aircraft. This ship will be equipped with Barak 1 and Barak 8 surface-to-air missile launcher. It is also told that VIKRANT is equipped with ballistic missiles and Anti-Submarine torpedoes.  This ship will carry 196 Officers and 1449 sailors including aircrew.


Soon this Giant carrier will soar in INDIAN Waters dominating the entire region. After the commission of INS VIKRANT in  INDIAN NAVY, we will be almost unbeatable in this region. Three warships are to be built in VIKRANT series carriers. INS VISHAL will be constructed after INS VIKRANT around 2025-2030. The third carrier will be built for reconstruction and supply for peace purpose.


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